Legally Morgenized
                     (Freelance Paralegal & Organizational Specialist)

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   Are you a solo practitioner or member of a small law
firm whose stress level is off the charts because you are facing too many deadlines at once? Is your desk piled high with files that need attention NOW? Are you in trial or on vacation, leaving all of your other cases to languish and unanswered calls to pile up? Do you need someone who can jump right in and provide you with some relief because your employed paralegal is on leave or vacation? Is your goal decreasing overhead while increasing the quality of services? ...If so, then perhaps it is time to consider the services of a freelance paralegal, also known as an independent contractor or virtual paralegal.

    I am a full-time freelancer, available for short term, long term, hourly, or project assignments for attorneys throughout the East Coast. I am also available for file pick-up or on-site services (at your office or courtroom) . The creation of unique and creative summaries for Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death and Survival Action cases are my specialty. See why these packages are highly effective at increasing each claim's value and stimulating settlement, thereby obviating the necessity of long, drawn-out litigation, the goal of all Plaintiffs' attorneys!

     I maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Allow me to put out the fires, ease your burden, lower your stress level and assist you in restoring balance in your life. Give your family the gift of your time. They deserve it and so do you .

Allow me to complete your team

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You are not truly organized, until you have been morgenized